Feeding Cattle

Feeding cattle or also called weanlings have an age between 6 months and a year. During this time, the animals are in their main growing phase and thereby consume very much feed.
Our feeding cattle come from selected farms and are checked and selected according to their appearance, state of health, breed, age and weight. Thereby, we can guarantee a high quality of the feeding cattle.

We supply you with feeding cattle / fattening cattle of the following breeds:

  • Limousin
  • Charolais
  • Fleckvieh – Simmental
  • and other meat breeds. as well as meat crossbreeds
  • with a weight of 200 – 300 kg

The animals come from large groups, are weaned and already suited for silage feeding.
Our team is available at any time in an advisory function regarding the topics health management, feeding and husbandry questions.