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Breeding Cattle

pregnant breeding heifers │ pregnant breeding cattles

Pure-bred pregnant breeding heifers are available in in-house quarantine stables for the direct selection by the customer. Our quarantine is supervised and looked after by independent official veterinarians. This guarantees stable and healthy groups of animals upon arrival in your stables and thus a high degree of security and a quick adaptation.  
The animals are in the gestation period from 2-7 months, have a full pedigree and are divided into performance groups. You have the option to select the animals exactly according to your wishes and business requirements with us. We professionally check the rest for your complete satisfaction - until the arrival of the breeding heifers on your farm. 

Young calves

The pure-bred young cattle are, due to constantly running selections, virtually and in the most popular breeds always available . The young female calves are aged 6-13 months, have a lineage of at least three generations and are sorted in the selection process in dependence on performance. Our offer of course also applies to young cattle from overseas in addition to Europe.