Brown swiss

At a glance:

Dual-purpose breed with a focus on milk production

High milk yield
Highly robust with a long life expectancy
Suitable for grazing and penning
Brown to gray-brown
Brightly framed muzzle

Withers height, female calf: 133–143 cm
Weight, female calf: 450–600 kg
Weight, cows: 550–750 kg
Weight, bulls: 1000–1200 kg

In many countries the number one in terms of duration of usage.

General information:  Main populations in Austria: western states and central Austria. The high milk yield with a high proportion of kappa casein B provides an excellent basis for profitable cheese production. The most prominent fitness features are fertility, course of calving (95% normal births), udder health and good exterior. Their longevity, owing to good genes, (highest proportion of cows with continuous performance over years) is a result of the high ratio of calves grazing on mountain pastures. 

Breeding target:  48% milk
5% meat
47% fitness
Milk yield: 10 times body weight with a close fat-protein ratio
Population in Austria: 170,000
Stud-book cattle: 58,000
Herds: 6,200
Breed ratio in Austria: 8.2%
28.5% of the cows graze on mountain pastures
Weight: approx. 700 kg
Loin height: 140–150 cm
First calving: 31 months
Duration of usage: 3.8 years

Applications:  Fitness breed with a strong focus on milk production, cross-breeding with dairy and meat breeds, dam-raised beef breed (original Braunvieh), adaptable to any production environment across the world.
For intensive and extensive production types, suitable for grazing and freestall barns (hard claws, good fetlocks).