At a glance:

Multi-purpose breed
Very good milk and meat yield
Typical mountain cattle breed
Good feed conversion
Good exterior, hard claws,
robust, longevity,
excellent fertility



At a glance:

Originally from France (race charolaise).
The name of the breed is derived from the region surrounding the town of Charolles, the Charolais.
Mainly used for meat production.
Crossed with other breeds.
Solid white to cream colour without pigmentation.
Muzzle, horn and claws are of a bright colouration.

Stocky build, with a broad, deep and long frame. It has a very strong musculature. This breed reaches maturity rather late and its meat is usually very lean with little fat.

Withers height, cows: 140 cm
Withers height, bulls: 150 cm
Weight, cows: 800–900 kg
Weight, bulls: 1200–1300 kg
Daily gain: 1350–1400 g

High yield



At a glance:

Originates from the region of the same name in France.
Meat breed, high meat quality.
Good to very good gain and excellent feed conversion, long-lived,
highly adaptive, easy births.

Red to wheat-coloured fur and
characteristic bright spots around the eyes,
muzzle and feet.
Highly robust and modest requirements.

Withers height, cows: 137 cm
Withers height, bulls: 143 cm
Weight, cows: 650–850 kg
Weight, bulls: 1100–1400 kg

Almost became extinct at around 1950.
The population has recovered since then.



At a glance:

Beef cattle raised with their dams.
Also used for conserving the countryside.

Fur is either monochrome black or red,
normally without horns.
Calving ease, docile.

Withers height, cows: 132 cm
Withers height, bulls: 144 cm
Weight, cows: approx. 625 kg
Weight bulls: approx. 1100 kg



At a glance:

Beef cattle raised with their dams.
Previously triple-purpose breed (milk, meat, labor)
Red-brown fur with characteristic white spots
(white stripes from the withers across the back
and back side of the thighs.)
Stomach, lower chest, udder and tail are white.

Withers height, cows: 137 cm
Withers height, bulls: 147 cm
Weight, cows: 600–700 kg
Weight, bulls: 1000–1100 kg

Strongly marbled meat
is highly prized!


At a glance:

Dairy cattle

Originates from the British channel island of Jersey

Yellowy to bright brown colouration

Relatively small domestic cattle
Withers height, cows: 120 cm
Weight, cows: 300–400 kg

Key characteristic of this breed:
The milk has a high fat content (approx. 5–6%) and
is rich in protein (approx. 4%)